Revamped Yuuki-Cha

Greetings and welcome to Yuuki-Cha’s new official blog!

As of the 11th of September we have moved over to a new shopping cart which we are really quite happy with. A BIG thank you must go out to all of the customers that have inputted ideas to us on how to improve the overall look & function of Yuuki-Cha. It has been a great help in the new layout and checkout procedure, so thank you! What do you think?

Yuuki-Cha's New Look

Yuuki-Cha's New Look

Here is a list of a few things we have changed around or added:

Category Changes:

  • Our matcha accessories e.g. matcha bowls, whisks, scoops etc. have now been moved to a new category “Matcha Accessories” rather than being under the organic matcha category.
  • Our houhin teapots are now in the Japanese Teapot category rather than being under the organic gyokuro category.

New Category:

  • We have added a Gift Certificate categoryto enable our customers to be able to purchase and send gift certificates to family or friends. A heavily requested feature from many of our customers, so please do make use of it!


  • We created a Facebook Fan Page, so if you are a user of Facebook please don’t hesitate to become one of our fans!
  • We have joined Twitter, so if you are a twitter user please come and follow Our Tweets.
  • And of course, we have started our very own blog for you to keep up-to-date with the latest goings on at Yuuki-Cha.

Enjoy surfing around, and please do Contact Us if you experience any problems using our new shopping cart.

4 Responses to Revamped Yuuki-Cha

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Very nice blog and new website look. I hope in future you will post photos of your various teapots and tea cups in use. It would be nice to have the visuals, for those new to Japanese tea and tea wares.

  2. Adrian says:

    Long time drinker of your organic teas and a very happy customer! Awesome new website and blog, just made my first order through your new system; very smooth and quick. Thanks!

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