Japanese Tea Canisters *NEW*

Just arrived are some new washi wrapped Japanese Tea Canisters! We love these ones!

For these ones, we selected two different washi paper designs in three different colors that we especially thought were stunningly beautiful! They are suitable for 100g (3.53oz) of loose leaf teas such as sencha and gyokuro. They will also hold other teas such as hojicha, genmaicha, black & oolong teas, or basically any tea of your choice. Bulkier teas will, of course, not fit 100g (3.53oz), so please keep that in mind.

The selection of our washi paper is always from a traditional washi paper supplier in Japan. The steel tins are made in Japan, and they are also wrapped in Japan.


  • Inner lid – A tight fitting plastic inner lid.
  • Notch! – Yes, they all have the little notch that helps to match up the pattern on the lid and the body when you twist the lid.
  • Washi Paper – Genuine JAPANESE washi paper!
  • Stainless Steel Tins – Durable and will last a long time.
  • MADE IN JAPAN – Absolutely!

New TSURU Canisters! The paper is decorated with beautiful Japanese cranes (Tsuru in Japanese), pine trees (Matsu in Japanese), and wisteria flowers (Fuji in Japanese):

Set of 3 Tsuru Japanese Tea Canisters

Set of 3 Tsuru Japanese Tea Canisters

New KIKU Canisters! The paper is decorated with flowers, including chrysanthemums (Kiku in Japanese) & bellflowers (Kikyo in Japanese):

Set of 3 Kiku Japanese Tea Canisters

Set of 3 Kiku Japanese Tea Canisters

Sold in sets of 3 or individually. Please visit our Japanese Tea Canister category for a full selection of canisters!

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