Monthly Archives: March 2011

Matcha Tins New Arrivals

Now that a number of our matcha come in excellent new stand-up resealable pouches we no longer offer them supplied with a tin. Therefore, for those still in need or want of a tin for their matcha, we  have added three small ones to our selection of Matcha Tins! They are available individually or as a set of 3, are made of stainless steel, come with plastic inner lids, and will hold approximately 40g/1.41oz of matcha green tea powder:

New Matcha Tins (Set of 3)

New Matcha Tins (Set of 3)

You can also use these to store any other small amounts of loose leaf tea and are practical enough to take on a trip or to work. Please, use as you wish!

A Little Red Star For Yuuki-Cha!

Yuuki-Cha finally did it! We got our well-deserved little red star!

We have reached a landmark 1000 positive Yuuki-Cha review approvals & positive feedback on ebay! Ebay were even kind enough to send us a certificate:

Yuuki-Cha Reviews

1000 Positive feedback ebay certificate!

We are also a Top-Rated Seller on ebay! This isn’t just any old fluke or by luck, it’s through good old-fashioned hard work and our continued efforts to supply our customers with international customer service they are more than happy with. Occasionally, we come across a tricky-to-handle customer or a person that is just being dishonest and is obviously out to get us, but 99.9% of the time our customers have helped and encouraged us a great deal!

So thank you to the ebay community, we are always grateful for your support, and we hope we can work together to make it safely to 2000!