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First Shincha Of 2012 – Kagoshima Saemidori!

Kagoshima Saemidori 2012!

Kagoshima Saemidori 2012!

Our first shincha of the year has arrived and it’s so great to finally taste this years spring harvest! This year our Organic Kagoshima Shincha Saemidori is the first to arrive.

Today, with our order we received a hand written message from the grower. Here is a small part of it. If you can read Japanese then you will understand his sentiment:

Farmer's Message!

Farmer’s Message!

If not, then we can tell you that it basically reads, “This years Saemidori (referring to his Saemidori) is really delicious, so please savor it”. After tasting it today we can only agree!

For your information, this wonderful grower has been cultivating Japanese tea in Makurazaki since he was a young man, he is now past retirement age! He is therefore a very long established respected tea grower who you could say knows quite a bit about Kagoshima tea cultivation and processing!

For many years now he has been tending to Saemidori tea bushes, and has raised them organically from seedlings in the famous tea region of Makurazaki in Kagoshima. Incidentally, he tells us he farms his tea bushes organically because it’s his wish to provide his customers with the most authentic Kagoshima Saemidori taste, aroma, and liquor color out there! He knows through his many years of experience that it’s only organic cultivation which can ensure that level of authenticity.

For your pleasure, here are a few shots of this years Organic Kagoshima Shincha Saemidori:

The Leaf...

The Leaf…

The First Infusion...

The First Infusion…

The Authentic Green Second Infusion Color Of Deep Steamed Kagoshima Saemidori!

The Authentic Green Second Infusion Color Of Deep Steamed Kagoshima Saemidori!

If you are a regular customer of this tea, we are quite sure you’ll be happy with this years shincha offering, but as the grower wrote, please savor it! It will only be around for a short period of time this spring!

Sakura 2012

This year our Sakura (cherry blossom) images were taken at a park in central Chiba where there were some nice big cherry blossom trees that were blooming wonderfully!

The below image gallery shows the famous Somei Yoshino cultivar which is basically the most popular cherry blossom cultivar in Japan. Please enjoy viewing our 2012 Sakura images:

Next up Shincha 2012!