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Hime Fuki Does It Again!

The 2010 Great Taste Awards results are in and…

2010 Great Taste Awards One Star Gold Award

2010 Great Taste Awards One Star Gold Award

Hime Fuki does it again! Last year, the grower who makes Hime Fuki down in Makurazaki, which is in Kagoshima Prefecture, took the Great Taste Awards in the UK by storm by winning the very prestigious three star gold award for Hime Fuki (the first and only tea grower in Japan to ever achieve such accolades). This year, he managed to continue the legacy by gaining the one star gold award which we think to be a great achievement, and one we are most happy to hear about.

A standing ovation please, here it is, the double award winner Hime Fuki:

Hime Fuki

2010 Hime Fuki

Not familiar with the Great Taste Awards? Well, what can we say, to gain an award at the great taste awards is considered the pinnacle by many in the specialty food and drink industry!

So hurry folks! We only have limited stocks of Hime Fuki this harvest year, not because we are drinking all of it (although we’d like to), but because it is genuinely only made in very small quantities, so if you’d like to try 2010 harvest Hime Fuki, don’t forget to put it in your shopping cart before everybody else does! If it does happen to sell out before you are able to purchase it, not to worry! As you are very welcome to ponder over our other organic black teas which are just lovely, too and not quite so limited. All found in our Japanese Black Tea category over at Yuuki-Cha.