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Matcha Tea Caddies Category Update

Just a quick update here. We have updated our Matcha Tea Caddies category so that each natsume is an individual listing rather than being grouped together.

For those that don’t know, natsume is the little caddy/container that is used during the Japanese tea ceremony to store matcha that will be consumed in that sitting. They are called natsume because of their resemblance to the fruit of the Chinese date tree often referred to as jujube.

You’ll want to note that natsume are not used for long term storage of matcha, so please don’t use them for that.  Their purpose is to store fresh matcha each time one would practice the tea ceremony, so if you do that or would just like to enrich the overall experience and visual enjoyment of preparing matcha then a natsume is a very important part of doing so.

Choose from three different colors red, black, or burgundy and many different designs. Here’s an example of one from our current batch:

Black Natsume Matcha Tea Caddies With A Bamboo Design

Black Natsume Matcha Tea Caddies With A Bamboo Design