Organic Gyokuro

The best selection of certified and authentic organic gyokuro green tea on the internet! Organic Gyokuro is an extremely rare luxury, so we are very proud to offer you a fine selection of organic gyokuro that, unlike non-organic gyokuro, is cultivated without the hefty use of pesticides & nitrogen-heavy fertilizers. Completely safe and organic.

Organic Gyokuro Kisekirei
Kisekirei, our finest organic gyokuro from Kagoshima and currently the most expensive and most luxur..
Organic Gyokuro Uguisu
Uguisu, a very tasty and brilliant quality organic gyokuro from Kagoshima that we are offering here...
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Organic Kirishima Gyokuro Saemidori
A fabulous organic gyokuro green tea that is light steamed (asamushi) and made from the excelle..
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Organic Gyokuro Hisui
Hisui, a sweet and clean tasting organic gyokuro from Kagoshima. Refreshing and pleasant with less s..
Organic Uji Gyokuro Gokou
A first harvest organic gyokuro tea (Jade Dew) from a small organic tea garden in Ujitawara, Kyoto, ..
Organic Uji Gyokuro Yabukita
A first harvest organic gyokuro green tea from a small organic tea garden in Ujitawara, Kyoto, Japan..
Organic Uji Gyokuro Karigane
A very limited offering of organic gyokuro karigane from Ujitawara in Kyoto that is made from the fa..
Organic Karigane Gyokuro
Rare Organic Karigane Gyokuro coming from Kagoshima that is made from the stem and leaf material tha..