Organic Hojicha

Although most tea companies sell hojicha made from cheap late harvest tea leaves e.g bancha or old stale leaves, here at Yuuki-Cha we carefully select only organic hojicha green tea made from fresh sencha leaves and stems taken from the FIRST HARVEST. This imparts a smooth, sweet flavor and refreshing aftertaste in the tea which is seldom found in late harvest hojicha. In addition, unlike heavy roasted hojicha that have a strong smoky aroma, our organic houjicha teas are freshly and carefully roasted giving them excellent appetizing aromas. Hojicha is a favorite evening green tea for many Japanese green tea lovers, because of its lower caffeine content. However, it can ultimately be enjoyed anytime of day, and pairs well with food, and makes excellent cold brewed tea in the summer.

Organic Miyazaki Hojicha Hanaka
An excellent organic hojicha entitled HANAKA (which means flower fragrance) from Gokase Town in Miya..
Organic Kagoshima Hojicha
A superior organic hojicha green tea from Kagoshima that is made, not from late harvest bancha leave..