Organic Kamairicha

Kamairicha (not to be confused with the steamed version of Tamaryokucha aka Guricha) is a rare, centuries-old, traditionally pan-fired Japanese green tea that is predominantly cultivated by artisan growers on small-scale family farms in remote areas of Kyushu Island and held in high esteem by knowledgeable tea connoisseurs. The selection presented here are totally genuine kamairicha, and come from artisan growers in the famed Kamairicha producing towns known as Gokase and Hinokage, both of which are in the Nishiusuki district of Miyazaki, a well-known district for producing the highest of quality Kamairicha. The families we have formed relationships with there are long established Kamairicha growers that have maintained what was handed down to them including the lush generation-old organic fertile soils, cultivation methods, cultivars, and various pan firing methods. Only a few artisan growers in Japan still possess the expertise to continue to produce this specialized tea organically like their forefathers did, so it's a real pleasure to work directly with them and be able to offer some of their most prized and rare organic Kamairicha that are seldom available on the market.

Organic Miyazaki Kamairicha Sakimidori (Hand-picked)
Presented here is an exquisite HANDPICKED organic Kamairicha hailing from Gokase Town which is a fam..
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Organic Miyazaki Tokujo Kamairicha
This particular organic Kamairicha green tea is a master blend of the finest pan-fired leaves specia..
Organic Miyazaki Kamairicha Okumidori
This organic Kamairicha hails from Gokase Town in Miyazaki and is made from a limited select batch o..
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Organic Miyazaki Kamairicha Minekaori
When our grower first sent us this Kamairicha to sample it was instantly something that caught our a..
Organic Miyazaki Kamairicha Tsuyobi Shiage
Tsuyobi Shiage, meaning high flame/heat finishing, combines leaves from both the first spring harves..