Organic Matcha

We stock a wide range of certified organic matcha green tea powder from entry level to the highest grades available. We are pleased to say that all of them are cultivated safely without chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers and are genuinely certified organic.

Organic Uji Matcha Tenkei Shiun
Shiun, presently the very top grade of organic matcha from Mr. Nakanishi in Kyoto who is by far and ..
Organic Uji Matcha Tenkei Shisui
A top quality blended organic matcha put together for by the Nakanishi Family in Kyoto..
Organic Uji Matcha Tenkei Hana
What you have just found here is a very precious, 100% handpicked, traditionally farmed, certified O..
Organic Uji Matcha Tenkei Tori
A top-tier 100% handpicked ORGANIC matcha from the Nakanishi families genuine traditional Oishita-Ch..
Organic Uji Matcha Tsuki
Coming directly to us from the Nakanishi Families Organic Tencha Plantation in Kyoto comes their Tsu..
Organic Kirishima Matcha
Top graded organic matcha from Kirishima in Kagoshima! This particular one is made from Okumidori cu..
Organic Uji Matcha Yuuki Midori
Our JAS & USDA certified Yuuki Midori is a bestselling organic matcha green tea from Kyoto. It's..
Organic Yame Matcha
If you're looking for a great tasting affordable matcha, or an alternative to matcha from Kyoto, loo..