Shincha 2015

Organic Shincha 2015 currently released are below. We will be releasing many organic shincha in April, May and June, so please check back regularly to keep updated. In addition, for Facebookers and Twiterers, we'll try to post all the releases on those networks, too.

Organic Kagoshima Sencha Saemidori
Organic Kagoshima Sencha Saemidori is a deep steamed organic fukamushi sencha comprised of the preci..
Organic Kagoshima Sencha Magokoro
Magokoro, a first harvest 100% yutaka midori organic Kagoshima sencha, is a great reflection of what..
Organic Yakushima Sencha
A fascinating limited organic sencha from Yakushima Island (a Japanese Island located south of Kyush..