Shincha 2017

Organic Shincha 2017! Many releases from late April-June. Please check this page regularly for the latest releases. Enjoy this year's ORGANIC SHINCHA!

Organic Gyokuro Kisekirei
Kisekirei, our finest organic gyokuro from Kagoshima and currently the most expensive and most luxur..
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Organic Kirishima Sencha Saemidori (Hand-picked)
A sublime organic saemidori sencha that was handpicked (Tezumi in Japanese) at the Nishi families or..
Organic Miyazaki Kamairicha Sakimidori (Hand-picked)
Presented here is an exquisite HANDPICKED organic Kamairicha hailing from Gokase Town which is a fam..
Organic Gyokuro Uguisu
Uguisu, a very tasty and brilliant quality organic gyokuro from Kagoshima that we are offering here...
Organic Kirishima Gyokuro Saemidori
A fabulous organic gyokuro green tea that is light steamed (asamushi) and made from the excelle..
Organic Gyokuro Hisui
Hisui, a sweet and clean tasting organic gyokuro from Kagoshima. Refreshing and pleasant with less s..
Organic Kagoshima Sencha Saemidori
Organic Kagoshima Sencha Saemidori is a deep steamed organic fukamushi sencha comprised of the preci..
Organic Hioki Saemidori Sencha
Here is an excellent deeply steamed organic saemidori sencha hailing from the Hioki region of Kagosh..
Organic Karigane Gyokuro
Rare Organic Karigane Gyokuro coming from Kagoshima that is made from the stem and leaf material tha..
Organic Kagoshima Sencha Asanoka
A highly prized and limited deep steamed organic sencha from Hioki, Kagoshima made from the won..
Organic Kirishima Asatsuyu Sencha
A magnificent organic sencha from the misty mountains of Kirishima made from one of the really great..
Organic Kagoshima Sencha Magokoro
Magokoro, a first harvest 100% yutaka midori organic Kagoshima sencha, is a great reflection of what..
Organic Kagoshima Sencha Asatsuyu
Rich, sweet, savory tasting Kagoshima fukamushi sencha goodness made from the highly prized asatsuyu..
Organic Uji Gokujo Sencha
This organic sencha comes to us directly from Mr. Harima who is a very long established organic tea ..
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Organic Kirishima Sencha Yorokobi
This organic sencha, entitled YOROKOBI, is a top graded blend that has been kindly put together for ..
Organic Kagoshima Sencha Shimofuri Masashige
This organic sencha comes from a very experienced tea grower who has been cultivating green tea for ..
Organic Chiran Sencha
A gem that we introduced a few years back is this green tea grown in the countryside part of Nishimo..
Organic Sencha Kirishima No Kaori
This particular organic sencha is made from first flush Yabukita leaves and is a light steamed asamu..
Organic Kagoshima Sencha Yamakai
A totally exclusive organic sencha that was specially made by our grower in Hioki, Kagoshima specifi..
Organic Matcha Iri Sencha
Brought to you first by, this is Organic Matcha Iri Sencha from Kagoshima, a blend of ..
Organic Yakushima Sencha
A fascinating limited organic sencha from Yakushima Island (a Japanese Island located south of Kyush..
Organic Ureshino Sencha
A very delicious regular grade of Ureshino sencha (also known as Guricha or Tamaryokucha) which we h..
Organic Kagoshima Sencha Satsuma No Kunpu
Satsuma No Kunpu, first flush (ichibancha) organic Kagoshima sencha green tea from the southern coas..
Organic Miyazaki Tokujo Kamairicha
This particular organic Kamairicha green tea is a master blend of the finest pan-fired leaves specia..
Organic Miyazaki Kamairicha Okumidori
This organic Kamairicha hails from Gokase Town in Miyazaki and is made from a limited select batch o..
Organic Miyazaki Kamairicha Minekaori
When our grower first sent us this Kamairicha to sample it was instantly something that caught our a..