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Organic Kirishima Sencha Saemidori (Hand-picked)
A sublime organic saemidori sencha that was handpicked (Tezumi in Japanese) at the Nishi families or..
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Organic Kagoshima Sencha Magokoro
Magokoro, a first harvest 100% yutaka midori organic Kagoshima sencha, is a great reflection of what..
Organic Kirishima Sencha Yorokobi
This organic sencha, entitled YOROKOBI, is a top graded blend that has been kindly put together for ..
Organic Kirishima Asatsuyu Sencha
A magnificent organic sencha from the misty mountains of Kirishima made from one of the really great..
Organic Kirishima Saemidori
Coming from the misty mountains of Kirishima is one of the best organic sencha made from saemidori c..
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Organic Kirishima Sencha Kirinosatokara
An elegant organic sencha from Kirishima using newer cultivars to create a sweet organic sencha with..
Organic Kagoshima Sencha Yamakai
A totally exclusive organic sencha that was specially made by our grower in Hioki, Kagoshima specifi..
Organic Kirishima Okuyutaka Sencha
This organic sencha comes to us from a very professional and immaculately kept organic tea plan..
Organic Yakushima Sencha
A fascinating limited organic sencha from Yakushima Island (a Japanese Island located south of Kyush..
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Organic Ureshino Sencha
A very delicious regular grade of Ureshino sencha (also known as Guricha or Tamaryokucha) which we h..
Organic Kagoshima Sencha Satsuma No Kunpu
Satsuma No Kunpu, first flush (ichibancha) organic Kagoshima sencha green tea from the southern coas..