Shipping & Returns

Quick Efficient Worldwide Shipping Directly From Japan...

Yuuki-Cha is open for business year round! We dispatch all of our tea and teaware directly from Japan, using Japan Post's reliable international shipping options to almost anywhere in the world usually within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment.

Quick Reference Shipping Table...

Shipping Option Estimated Delivery Days Recommendation Tracking & Insurance Loses & Breakages Signature Required Upon Delivery Weight Limit
AIRMAIL 7-12 Business Days Small tea orders only. None Not Covered None 2kg
REGISTERED MAIL 7-12 Business Days Small-medium orders only. Some countries Upto 6000yen Required 2kg
EMS 3-6 Business Days Valuable orders including bigger tea orders and breakable items. Included Covered Required 30kg


Airmail Shipping Option...

Registered Mail Shipping Option...

EMS Shipping Option...

EMS Online Tracking Service...

Japan Post's EMS shipping option provides a service in which you can track your parcel online through their website, so if you order by our EMS shipping option, you will be able to use their online service to track your parcel. In order for you to do this without any fuss we will send you an email which will include your 13 digit EMS tracking number and a link to Japan Post's online tracking page once we have shipped your parcel. You can then check the progress of your parcel all the way to your doorstep enabling you to be at home when your parcel is likely to be delivered. In some countries, It is also possible to track your parcel's progress online through your countries post office website once the parcel has entered your country.

Shipping Rates...

We use Japan Post to ship all of our parcels from Japan, so we therefore use their shipping rates ( which are based on weight (not per item or flat rate). All shipping costs are automatically charged in the checkout procedure and set-up as accurately as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Our shipping weights are based on the overall weight of the shipping box which includes the product, product packaging, packaging materials, and the shipping box, NOT JUST THE NET WEIGHT OF THE TEA OR TEAWARE ORDERED. For example, if a customer from the US were to order 100g of tea by Airmail the shipping cost would not simply be 240yen (Up to 100g) because we must take into consideration the product packaging, packaging materials, and the shipping box which will make the shipping cost around 420-510yen (Up to 200g - Up to 250g).

Airmail Shipping Rates (we can ship upto 2kg. Prices are displayed in Japanese Yen):

Weight Asia and Overseas Territories of USA Oceania, Middle East, North America, Central America, West Indies and Europe South America and Africa
Up to 50g 120 150 170
Up to 100g 190 240 290
Up to 150g 260 330 410
Up to 200g 330 420 530
Up to 250g 400 510 650
Up to 300g 470 600 770
Up to 350g 540 690 890
Up to 400g 610 780 1010
Up to 450g 680 870 1130
Up to 500g 750 960 1250
Up to 550g 820 1050 1370
Up to 600g 890 1140 1490
Up to 650g 960 1230 1610
Up to 700g 1030 1320 1730
Up to 750g 1100 1410 1850
Up to 800g 1170 1500 1970
Up to 850g 1240 1590 2090
Up to 900g 1310 1680 2210
Up to 950g 1380 1770 2330
Up to 1.0kg 1450 1860 2450
Up to 1.25kg 1625 2085 2750
Up to 1.5kg 1800 2310 3050
Up to 1.75kg 1975 2535 3350
Up to 2.0kg 2150 2760 3650


EMS Shipping Rates (we can ship upto 30kg. Prices are displayed in Japanese Yen):


Returns & Refunds...

We always try our best to insure your tea and teaware reach you without any problems and we hardly ever experience any returns or disputes, but in case you have a problem here is what we can and can't do regarding returns and refunds:

We Can...

We Can't...

Returned Parcels...

Occasionally, we have had parcels returned to us as undelivered. This can happen for various reasons, but by far the most common is that the parcel was simply unclaimed by the customer after a delivery attempt. Other reasons include, the shipping address provided to us was wrong, duties were not paid by the customer, or the customer declined to accept the parcel upon delivery.

If you think your parcel has been returned to us, please contact us asap and we will try to look into it for you.

Any Further Questions...

If you have any further questions about shipping and returns, please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.