Stainless Steel Matcha Sifter

Stainless Steel Matcha Sifter
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A high quality matcha sifter (furui) that is generally used by those who practice tea ceremony seriously. It comes with all the bits and bobs that are needed to prepare matcha in the correct manner.

The sifter includes the following:

  • A lidded stainless steel tin (∅7.9cm x H8.2cm) to sift the matcha into. Please Note: The tin is for collecting the sifted matcha that you intend to consume only. It is not designed for storing matcha for long periods of time.
  • A fine stainless steel sifter designed especially for sifting matcha.
  • A wooden paddle for sifting the matcha.
  • A plastic measuring cup for measuring upto 3.4g (perfect for koicha) of matcha.
  • A plastic funnel and plastic rest to provide for easy transfering of sifted matcha to either a natsume (for usucha) or cha-ire (for koicha).

Here's an example of the funnel and rest usage on a natsume (cha-ire is without the rest):

All parts fit away nicely into the tin for easy storage:

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