Matcha Starter Kit

Matcha Starter Kit
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* Bowl:

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Save 10% by purchasing this matcha starter kit instead of purchasing the items individually!

A fun way to build your very own matcha starter kit which is really quite essential if you want to make an authentic bowl of matcha! This matcha tea set includes the following choices some of which are optional:

  • A matcha bowl.
  • A matcha whisk.
  • A matcha scoop.
  • A matcha whisk keeper (optional).
  • A matcha caddy (optional).

Below are the links to all of the available options from above (Note: some items below might occasionally not appear in the options above due to being out of stock):

Matcha Bowls:

Yuzu Tenmoku Shiro Kohiki Oribe Mon Nezumi Shino Oribe Shinsetsu Zansetsu Kohiki Tsutsugata
Kikaratsu Seinyu Toyo Shino Kairagi Nezumi Shino Natsu Yuteki Tenmoku Kyogata Yuteki Tenmoku  

Matcha Whisks:

100 Prong Whisk

Matcha Scoops:

Shirodake Susudake (Partially Smoked) Susudake (Fully Smoked) Fushinashi

Whisk Keepers (Optional):

Blue Green

Matcha Caddy (Optional):

PLEASE NOTE: This option is to choose the color of the caddy ONLY. There is no choice on the design. Therefore the design might differ from the examples below.

Red Black


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