A mini stainless steel matcha sifter that measures only around 7cm in diameter and 6cm in height and comes in a decorative little box.

The sifter includes the following:

- A stainless steel spoon for measuring the matcha.
- A stainless steel sifter mesh for sifting the matcha.
- Three stainless steel rings used to sift the matcha through the mesh and break up clumps. No paddle or spoon required!

How it works is by placing the three rings into the sifter's mesh with one (or more) spoons of matcha. The canister's lid is then sealed tightly back on the canister and then shaken gently, first, from side-to-side to get the rings moving, and then after that, in a circular motion for about 30 seconds. The canister is then opened up, and voila, the matcha has all been sifted into the bottom of the canister for you!

One level spoon will make about 2-4 chashaku scoops of matcha depending on the amount of matcha that you usually scoop with your chashaku.

Like all matcha sifters this one is not really designed to store matcha for long periods of time. It is designed to sift and hold matcha that you plan to consume. We therefore recommend you sift your matcha every few days rather than all at once, and only sift what you are likely to use over a few days period. Keep the rest of the matcha firmly sealed in the packet it came in. That way, you stand a much better chance of maintaining a constant supply of freshly sifted matcha for your pleasure.

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Mini Stainless Steel Matcha Sifter

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