• 100 Prong Chasen Bamboo Tea Whisk

A cheaper alternative to a Japanese made whisk is a whisk made in China. This 100 prong Chinese made whisk is a good option for those who want a cheaper economy whisk and is used for preparing Usucha (thin matcha), not Koicha (thick matcha). It comes in a plastic storage container (read below).

PLEASE NOTE: Storing your matcha whisk in the plastic container before it has completely dried out can lead to the whisk becoming moldy. We recommend that you rinse the whisk, and allow it to dry out thoroughly on a whisk keeper to help retain its shape. Once it has completely dried out remove it from the whisk keeper and store it away in a dust free environment. If you do decide to keep it in the plastic container, make sure it has thoroughly dried out, and be very careful not to break the prongs upon closing the lid.

Whisk Information
Usage Usucha (Thin Matcha)
Origin China

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100 Prong Chasen Bamboo Tea Whisk

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