• Hyappon Takayama Chasen

A 100 prong Japanese made chasen for preparing Usucha (thin matcha) made from natural Japanese bamboo in Takayama, Nara, Japan by Japanese artisan whisk maker Yasaburo Tanimura. If you are a beginner at preparing Usucha (thin matcha) we highly recommend this whisk first! That is because it has more prongs and a wider handle than our other whisks for Usucha (thin matcha). More prongs and the wider handle makes it easier to achieve a nice frothy matcha even if your whisking style is not so great or you haven't had much experience whisking matcha.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an artisan whisk with thin prongs that is specifically designed by Yasaburo Tanimura for preparing Usucha (thin matcha), not Koicha (thick matcha). If you need a whisk for preparing Koicha (thick matcha), please consider our Chuaraho Whisk. It has thicker and fewer prongs and is designed exclusively for preparing Koicha (thick matcha).

Whisk Information
Usage Usucha (Thin Matcha)
Artist Yasaburo Tanimura
Origin Takayama, Nara, Japan

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Hyappon Takayama Chasen

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