An extremely high quality koseto matcha chawan handcrafted in the Seto area of Aichi prefecture which is famous for producing some of the finest matcha bowls in Japan. It has the time-honoured koseto black and brown glaze applied over a truly high quality clay. Koseto is one of the real ancient styles of matcha bowls, so if you're into real traditional Japanese tea ceremony bowls this is the one for you! Made in Aichi, Japan by Seto-Yaki potter Rokubei, and presented to you in a wooden gift box.

What is Koseto?

Koseto (also spelt "Kozeto") was developed in the 12th-14th century during the Kamakura era way before oribe or shino were developed. Koseto literally means old seto. Koseto glazes, more often than not, consist of a complimentary mix of black and brown which gives off a wonderful exquisite mix. This type of glaze was often used in ancient tea ceremony due to its simple and refined beauty. Koseto ware is produced in Gifu (Mino-yaki), and Aichi (Seto-yaki and Akazu-yaki).

Tea Bowl Information
Tea Bowl Name Koseto
Tea Bowl Dimensions ∅11.5cm x H8.2cm
Origin Aichi, Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)

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Koseto Seto Yaki Matcha Bowl

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