• Organic Uji Gyokuro Gokou

A first harvest organic gyokuro tea (Jade Dew) from a small organic tea garden in Ujitawara, Kyoto, Japan. It is made exclusively from the cultivar known as Gokou and is 100% Uji Gyokuro Green Tea. Carefully grown under diffused sunlight for an extended 30 days before harvest, as opposed to the shorter 20 days that is often suggested. It is a minimally processed and mostly unsorted gyokuro which means it includes some smaller leaf particles and could be referred to as an aracha gyokuro.

This type of organic farmer's style gyokuro has become more and more popular over recent years and is very much in demand because rather than being chemically fertilized with big doses of nitrogen, heavily processed, blended, and sorted by teashops like most gyokuro teas are, this organic gyokuro takes a more natural approach and remains true to its origin. It has a rich, sweet, dense, briny taste with a marine aroma, a deep green liquor color, and an almost buttery aftertaste.

Tea Information
Origin Ujitawara, Kyoto, Japan
NET Weight 50g/1.76oz
Organic Certification(s) JAS
Harvest Period 100% Ichibancha (First Harvest)
Steaming Chumushi (Medium)
Cultivar(s) 100% Gokou (sometimes written "goko" or "gokoh")

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Organic Uji Gyokuro Gokou

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