• Organic Kagoshima Sencha Yutakamidori

Organic sencha made entirely from the first flush of Yutakamidori in Kagoshima.

Yutakamidori cultivar is one of the most well-known older cultivars of Japan which became very popular in Kagoshima. It loves growing in the warmer climate of the southern island. It is one of the cultivars that is rich in catechin containing ECCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) which usually yields an astringent cup of tea with yellow liquor color. However, with the development of deep/strong steaming along with shading of the tea bushes in Kagoshima, Yutakamidori cultivar gained a much more palatable taste and better infusion color. It therefore became a popular cultivar to grow among Kagoshima tea farmers.

The tea produces delicious fresh green flavors and a lime green liquor with a prominent richness and mild astringent taste.

Tea Information
Origin Hioki, Kagoshima, Japan
NET Weight 100g/3.52oz
Organic Certification(s) JAS
Harvest Date April 2024
Harvest Period 100% Ichibancha (First Harvest)
Steaming Fukamushi (Deep)
Cultivar(s) 100% Yutakamidori

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Organic Kagoshima Sencha Yutakamidori

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