Prepare yourself a delicious cup of cold brewed green tea with this brilliantly designed glass pitcher/teapot. Just add your desired amount of tea leaves into the easy to clean infuser basket and leave it to brew overnight in the refrigerator, or if you wish, brew hot tea in it because it is made from heatproof glass!

The main features are as follows:

- Made from heatproof glass.
- Brews both hot and cold tea (green tea, black tea, oolong tea etc.)
- Has a practical capacity of 1200ml.
- Comes with an easy to clean infuser basket due to its removable bottom cap (please see image above).
- Slim design which allows it to fit into most refrigerator doors (please check dimensions below).
- Height 29.5cm (approx.) Width 14.0cm (approx.) Base Diameter 9.5cm (approx.).
- Made in Japan.

How To Use...

For cold brewed tea just add your desired amount of tea leaves into the infuser basket (usually we use about 2 tablespoons of sencha). Add water to the pitcher to just below the metal band so that all of the tea leaves are covered. Let the tea brew overnight in the refrigerator (or approximately 3-6 hours if not overnight). Remove the infuse basket when the tea has brewed to your desired strength and enjoy! For hot brewed tea, please brew as you normally would for each type of tea, and use your desired amount of tea leaves.

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Cold Brewing Teapot/Pitcher

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