This fun gadget, known as a Hojiki in Japanese, is designed to roast tea leaves into hojicha, but could also be used to add subtle roasts to various other types of teas if you wish.

How To Use...

To make hojicha, all you need is some green tea such as sencha, perhaps a sencha you didn't care for much, or leftover sencha that is bit past its best, or even sencha that you like and think would make delicious hojicha. Just add the leaves into the hojiki, put the hojiki over a flame or heat source for cooking, jiggle it around a bit while making sure not to scold yourself, and wish yourself good luck. Once you think you have the perfect roast pour the tea leaves out through the handle (yes, through the handle!) directly into your kyusu ready for brewing. Great fun, but not as easy as you might think to get the perfect roast.

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Hojiki (Tea Roaster)

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