• Yuzamashi Water Cooler

This is what is known as a Yuzamashi (water cooler). It is the vessel which is often used to bring boiling water down to the correct temperature needed to brew the different types of Japanese green tea. This particular one is of very good quality and is made in Tokoname, Japan. It has a practical capacity of around 240ml/8oz, is very dark brown (almost black) in color, and comes with a ball-shaped handle for easy handling.

How To Use...

To use a Yuzamashi you either pour the boiling water from your kettle into the teacups then into the Yuzamashi then into the teapot, or straight into the Yuzamashi and then into the teapot, depending on which type of green tea you are preparing, and the temperature which is desired.

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Yuzamashi Water Cooler

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