This is what is known as a Futanashi Kyusu (lidless teapot)!

Here at Yuuki-Cha we enjoy using this style of teapot for casual brewing of aromatic teas such as hojicha or genmaicha, but it can be used it for any type of tea. By using this type of unique lidless design the aroma of aromatic teas easily lifts from the teapot into the surrounding air especially during pouring the tea which makes for a very pleasing and intensely aromatic brewing experience!

We use this teapot quite a lot, here are some of the aspects we enjoy about it:

INTENSE AROMA - Enjoy the full aroma of the tea when steeping and when pouring!
LIDLESS - Never lose, drop, or break the lid because there simply isn't one!
ONE HAND POUR - Pours one handed, no need for the other hand on the lid.
OBSERVE TEA LEAVES - Enjoy watching the tea leaves opening as they steep.
NO SPILL - Never spills!
GLAZED - Inside is fully glazed, you can use it for all teas!
EASY TO CLEAN - Cleans easily, and never a problem removing the spent tea leaves.
LONG HANDLE - The long handle means you'll never burn yourself on the teapot.
WATER COOLER - Can also be used as a water cooler.
GOOD TRAVELER - Durable enough and no lid means it's easy to take on a trip.
INSIDE COOLS QUICKLY - Tea leaves cool quickly after infused and don't become soggy. The quality of additional steeps is improved.

Teapot Information
Teapot Name Futanashi
Capacity (Approx) 360ml (12.2oz)
Filter Type Sawayaka (Stainless Steel Mesh)
Origin Aichi, Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)

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Futanashi Tokoname Lidless Teapot

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