A little houhin Banko-Yaki teapot. It is unglazed, fired at 1200°C, and has an iron rich clay. Each side of the teapot has an image of a leaf. Its full capacity is 190ml (6.4oz) measured to the rim. However, when correctly used this style of houhin should <b>NEVER</b> be filled more than 2/3's full making its maximum usable capacity approximately 120ml (4oz). In addition, we recommend brewing only Japanese green teas such as gyokuro, high quality kabusecha, or high quality sencha that brew at lower temperatures in this houhin. Those type of teas will brew up perfectly in this little houhin! Comes with a hiraami stainless steel strainer that covers the spout exit.

About Houhin Teapots...

If you know anything about Japanese teapots you will know that houhin is a style of teapot that is predominantly designed for brewing gyokuro, but can be used for brewing high quality sencha or kabusecha, too. Houhin teapots, which are usually handleless and have a wide range of capacity, are commonly used by professional tea makers here in Japan as they know that they are the best teapots for bringing out the full flavor of high quality Japanese green teas.

About Banko Yaki...

Banko-Yaki, which is a style of pottery produced in Japan's Mie prefecture, was invented some 260 years ago by a wealthy merchant from Kuwana city named Rozan Nunami. He possessed great knowledge of tea and pottery. He made a wonderful array of teapots that he would always stamp as bankofueki meaning 'Lasting forever without any change', hoping they would be handed down through endless generations after he was gone. His wish came true as there is now around 22 government recognized master craftsmen producing banko ware. Each of whom pass on their skills to young up and coming banko potters which allows the banko spirit to live on!

Teapot Information
Teapot Name Happa
Artist Touyama Kiln
Capacity (Approx) 190ml (6.4oz)
Filter Type Hiraami (Stainless Steel Mesh)
Origin Mie, Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)

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Happa Banko Yaki Houhin Teapot

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