A Tokoname teapot by artist Gyokuryu. A great deal of thought has quite obviously gone into designing a teapot for the end user. There are many features that make this teapot great!

- It's a genuine "tetsukuri" (handmade) Tokoname teapot.
- It has a beautiful "mogake" design which is acheived by wrapping the ceramics with seaweed before firing them in the kiln.
- It has a ceramic strainer.
- It has a practical lid handle for easy handling.
- It has a wide lid opening which makes it easy to place leaves and pour water into.
- The back part of the teapot's lid rest has been removed making the removal of spent/used leaves very easy (see images).
- It has a unique spout design to aid pouring and help prevent dripping (see images).

One of the most functional Tokoname Teapots that we have come across at Yuuki-Cha, we recommend it totally!

Teapot Information
Teapot Name Mogake
Artist Gyokuryu
Capacity (Approx) 240ml (8.1oz)
Filter Type Ceramic Mesh
Origin Aichi, Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)

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Mogake Tokoname Teapot

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