A nerikomi Tokoname teapot by Shunzan. Shunzan is a true master at 'nerikomi', 'nerikomi katto', and 'tochiri' techniques. Nerikomi is the technique of mixing colored clays together to create a marbling appearance on the teapot. 'Nerikomi katto' is a cut/slicing technique that changes the dynamics of the marbling on the teapot. The other technique 'tochiri' is a highly skilled carving technique. To make a tochiri pattern on a teapot the potter turns the teapot on a wheel and uses a sharp ceramic carving spatula to make small indentations around it. Creating these techniques on a teapot is time consuming and can only be acheive by a highly skilled potter such as Shunzan.

Teapot Information
Teapot Name Nerikomi Katto
Artist Shunzan
Capacity (Approx) 280ml (9.4oz)
Filter Type Ceramic Mesh
Origin Aichi, Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)

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Shunzan Nerikomi Tokoname Teapot

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