A stylish printed tea canister, which holds approximately 100g/3.53oz of loose leaf green tea, on a red background, and beautifully decorated with nanten which in English is nandina (also known as heavenly bamboo or sacred bamboo) an upright shrub which is native to Japan.

Unique to this Japanese tea canister is its lid which comes printed with a wood surface design and has the inner lid attached inside the outer lid (see image above). The lid pushes down firmly into place fitting flush around the inside and outside of the canister, and when removed it pulls off very smoothly! An excellent functional design and looks great, too!

Canister Information
Canister Material Stainless Steel
Inner-Lid? Yes, attached inside the outer lid.
Inner-Lid Material Plastic
Canister Dimensions ∅7.3cm H7.5cm
Capacity 100g (3.5oz)

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Red Nanten Tea Canister

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