Yuuki-Cha Radiation Test Results

The following are official certificates of independent radiological testing on some of our grower's organic green teas which we sell at our store. In all cases radioactive cesium and iodine were not detectable. All of the teas have passed international and Japanese standards for radioactive cesium and iodine, and are totally safe for consumption.

PLEASE NOTE: Certificates are in reduced size in order to prevent theft, forgery, or any other type of falsification of information by other vendors, o-cha shills, or smear campaigners who are up to no good on "tea" chat forums, social networks, and video networks.

Kyoto Test Results (2011, 2012, and 2013 harvest)

One of our growers in Kyoto (Mr. Harima) ordered thorough independent testing at a fully registered professional laboratory in Japan (www.nkkk.or.jp/english-web/). Unlike the vast majority of tea growers in Kyoto, he has ordered these tests every year since the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. The five above official English certificates are the test results of the various teas from each year (2011, 2012, and  2013). All green teas, including matcha, tencha, sencha, powdered sencha, genmaicha, and bancha, that we sell from Mr. Harima were included. All tests were conduct on the fully processed tea leaves and powder, not liquor, by way of high specification germanium semiconductor detectors. No radioactive cesium or iodine were detectable in the fully processed tea at a detectable limit of 10bq/kg a limit which is equal, if not stricter than, testing the liquor to a detectable limit of 1bq/kg. Furthermore, a detectable limit of 10bq/kg in the fully processed leaves is 10 times stricter than the legal limit currently set in Japan, 10 times stricter than the legal limit to export tea into the EU, and over 100 times stricter than the legal limit to export tea into the US. In addition to the above certificates, a certificate was issued to the grower for his 2011 harvest teas when they were imported by an Italian tea company in May 2011. All teas tested, including matcha powder, were tested very strictly at a detectable limit of 1bq/kg. Radioactive cesium and iodine were not detectable down to that level.

The teas from Mr. Harima's organic tea plantation in Ujitawara, Kyoto, Japan are fully tested and extremely safe to consume, and for any GENUINE customer, Mr Harima has his very own website detailing his safety testing (including full pesticide reports and radiological testing) which he does periodically in order to export his tea worldwide. Please see his website here:


and for English please see his website here (safety reports are at the bottom of the page):


The following organic green teas available on our website that are cultivated at Mr. Harima's tea gardens:

  • Organic Uji Gokujo Sencha
  • Organic Uji Matcha Yuuki Midori
  • Organic Uji Powdered Sencha
  • Organic Matcha Iri Genmaicha
  • Organic Sencha Genmaicha
  • Organic Karigane Genmaicha
  • Organic Kyobancha

Kagoshima And Kyoto Test Results (2012 Harvest)

A variety of our teas from both Kyoto and Kagoshima were selected to be independently tested down to 1bq/kg for total cesium. The tests were conducted on the fully processed 2012 harvest tea leaves, not liquor. Radioactive cesium was not detectable down to that level.

The following organic green teas were included in these tests:

  • Organic Kagoshima Sencha Saemidori
  • Organic Kagoshima Sencha Satsuma No Kunpu
  • Organic Uji Gyokuro Gokou
  • Organic Uji Gyokuro Yabukita

Miyazaki Test Results (2011 And 2012 Harvest)

In Miyazaki, Kyushu Island, one of our growers ordered independent testing of both 2011 & 2012 harvested fully processed kamairicha tea leaves and also a liquor test in 2011. The official Japanese certificates show that radioactive cesium and iodine were not detectable.

The following organic green teas are cultivated at the above tea garden:

  • Organic Miyazaki Tokujo Kamairicha
  • Organic Miyazaki Kamiricha Tsuyobi Shiage
  • Organic Miyazaki Haru Bancha

If any more tests are conducted, or made available to us, we will publish them here.