Types Of Tea

We carry a carefully selected range of organic teas and also a selection of organic oolong tea and black tea. Please, see the following categorized list of the types of green teas, powdered green teas, and other teas, we currently offer below.

Organic Sencha

Our range of organic sencha has been optimized to impress. We currently stock sencha from some of the most highly regarded certified organic tea farms in Japan. We don't just stock organic sencha from the famed regions of Uji and Shizuoka. We search far and wide, throughout the tea growing regions of Japan, to find the best tasting organic sencha for our customers. We purchase the highest graded organic sencha from each tea farm, all of which are not available outside of Japan and are exclusive to our online store.

Organic Kamairicha

Kamairicha is a very rare pan-fired tea from Japan and one of the best Japanese green teas out there. It is produced mainly at small-scale mountainous tea farms on Kyushu Island in specific regions of Prefectures such as Kumamoto, Saga, and Miyazaki. Due to its long history, traditional nature, excellent production techniques, and high quality taste and aroma true tea connoisseurs hold this Japanese green tea close to their hearts. Note: Not to be confused with the steamed green tea also from Kyushu which is called Tamaryokucha or Guricha.

Organic Gyokuro

Organic gyokuro, which is extremely rare, is the famous shaded green tea of Japan. There are less than a handful of growers in Japan producing certified organic gyokuro, so we feel privileged to offer you a quality selection that all carry JAS certification.

Organic Kabusecha

Kabusecha is grown in full sunlight the same as sencha. However, around 2 weeks prior to harvesting the tea bushes are covered with black netting. This blocks around 50% of sunlight and helps produce a sweet tasting green tea. Depending on the cultivation, coverage period, tea breed etc the characteristics of kabusecha are either more akin to gyokuro, sencha or both. A fine Japanese green tea!

Organic Matcha

We currently stock a wide range of organic matcha including both Koicha (thick matcha) and Usucha (thin matcha) all of which are 100% stone-ground, and are made from first harvest leaves that appear on select shade grown tea bushes in spring. All our matcha is certified organic by JAS, and our Yuuki matcha series is also certified organic by USDA.

Organic Powdered Sencha

Don't be outfoxed by many vendors who label this tea up as matcha. Powdered sencha is a wonderfully healthy green tea in it's own right, but is produced from sencha which is sun grown, unlike matcha which is produced from shade grown leaves. Our organic powdered sencha comes from Uji, and in contrast to many other sencha powders available on the market that are made from low graded sencha leaves, ours is ground down using first harvest leaves making it a superior powdered green tea with many health benefits. It is also a very convenient green tea that can be made instantly which makes it perfect for those who lead a busy lifestyle.

Organic Genmaicha

First time buyers are almost always impressed with genmaicha. All of our organic genmaicha is made by our farmer in Kyoto. Only first harvest leaves are used from Kyoto along with organic brown rice that is organically cultivated in Nara, Japan. You will find that all of our organic genmaicha will lift your spirits everytime you drink it. wonderfully refreshing, and a great daily Japanese green tea.

Organic Hojicha

Hojicha is a Japanese green tea that is roasted. The roasting process naturally lowers the caffeine content of the finished tea. Therefore, it can be enjoyed by all ages from the young to the old, and makes an excellent choice for those looking for a healthy organic green tea to sip on in the evenings. It's served everywhere in Japan from schools to restaurants to hospitals, and can be served hot or cold and is wonderfully refreshing.

Organic Bancha

The traditional low caffeine green tea of Japan made from the coarser well established leaf material of the tea bush. A really healthy green tea that can be enjoyed throughout the day by everybody in the family including children and those of old age. A must try for anybody searching for a green tea that promotes well-being.

Organic Japanese Black Tea

A number of organic Japanese tea farmers cultivate black tea, known as koucha in Japanese. Our range includes rare first flush handpicked koucha from the famous black tea production area known as Makurazaki which is in Kagoshima prefecture. Organic Japanese black tea has a rather intriguing quality and really is a must try for any black tea lover!

Organic Japanese Oolong Tea

Japanese oolong is a rare tea cultivated by very few growers in Japan. We are happy to say we have an excellent source who we currently are working closely with in order to offer our customers a unique selection of Japanese oolong tea!