The latest happenings during the virus pandemic...


We are still shipping and working around the clock to get orders shipped out asap! Here is the full list of countries we can still currently ship to and the approximate shipping times for some (last update 31st of May 2020)...

Special Express Via DHL or UPS (working great!):

USA - 2-4 days.

Australia - 3-5 days.

New Zealand - 3-5 days.

Various EU countries - 3-5 days.

Canada - 3-5 days.

Japan Post either by EMS or Registered Mail (delays are possible):

Canada - No longer available due to serious delays in Japan since the beginning of May. Hopefully available again soon when we see some improvement.

France - 2-3 weeks. Moving slowly! Delays in both Japan and France.


Germany - 2-3 weeks. Shipping out of Japan quickly, but about 2 week delays at German customs (nothing changes!)








UK - 2-3 weeks. Moving slowly! Delays in both Japan and the UK.

If your country is not on the above list then please contact us and we will look into a shipping option for you.


Recalls of seriously delayed parcels to the US...

In early May we recalled all delayed US parcels from Japan Post that were shipped out from late March 2020 until the suspension in late April 2020 that Japan Post still hadn't managed to ship out of Japan.

Fortunately, most EMS and registered mail parcels came back pretty fast. We reshipped them all via DHL express and they were delivered in a few days. In some cases, we provided a full refund if that was preferred by the customer. No problem either way. Unfortunately, it's taking longer to get any remaining airmail parcels back, but hopefully they will start to filter back soon.

In some cases, there is still a possibility that some of the parcels to the US might still go through before they can be found and sent back to us (especially airmail parcels). That has happened with a few parcels even though we recalled them. From the tracking of one of them, which was a registered mail shipment, we could see it took just over two months to be delivered in the US from the date of shipment with both delays in Japan and the US.

Full refunds for other suspended countries returned orders...

We had a lot of parcels sent back in April and May 2020 that were destined to various countries in the EU. They simply didn't make it out of Japan before the shipping suspensions came into being. We provided a full refund to each and every customer straight away.


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