A fascinating limited organic sencha from Yakushima Island (a Japanese Island located south of Kyushu Island) famous for its ancient forest which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It comes to us directly from the grower, Mr Watanabe, who has organic tea plantations on the east side of Yakushima where he, and his two lifelong friends, are cultivating various cultivars of tea bushes. One of the most interesting is Kuritawase cultivar which is the main cultivar always used to make this sencha along with a small percentage of Yabukita, Saemidori, and/or Asatsuyu cultivars (It can differ from year to year, so please check the listing information for this year's blend).

Wonderfully fresh aroma and taste that is very distintive (exotic springs to mind) and is kept that way until it has completely sold out because this tea has all of its processing completed during shincha season (it's not re-processed/re-roasted throughout the year like many sencha). Hence, the reason it's always sold in a packet labeled as shincha and retains it's fresh aroma and taste.

Tea Information
Origin Yakushima, Kumage District, Kagoshima, Japan
NET Weight 80g/2.82oz
Organic Certification(s) JAS
Harvest Date April 2024
Harvest Period 100% Ichibancha (First Harvest)
Steaming Chumushi (Medium)
Cultivar(s) Kuritawase & Saemidori

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Organic Yakushima Sencha

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